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CPD Courses

The APPI offers a comprehensive list of additional CPD courses, some of which are not available as yet in South Africa. Please let us know if you have any course requests!

Performance Pilates for Cyclists (1 day course)

This one day workshop explores the use of Matwork and small equipment Pilates exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of cyclists. On the course you will review the biomechanics and key physical attributes of cyclists, as well as the typical injuries seen and their contributing factors. Applying sound training principles, explore the development of a high level, cyclists specific Pilates programme.

Performance Pilates for Runners (1 day course)

This one day workshop explores the use of Matwork and small equipment Pilates exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of the running client. This course explores the biomechanical and physiological requirements for successful running and suitable Pilates exercises aimed at improving running performance. Aimed at the healthy and fit client, the exercises covered will enable you to develop an effective, high level Pilates running program.

Ante & Post Natal Pilates (2 day course)

These courses are designed specifically for those who wish to learn more about the application of Pilates in Pregnancy and the post-natal setting. Lectures on the physiological and biomechanical changes that occur during pregnancy, the postural changes and considerations, SPD, labour, post-natal recovery and precautions and contra-indications to exercise in pregnancy are presented.

3D Standing Pilates Level 1 (2 day course)

3D Standing Pilates is an evolutionary method which advances the essential Pilates principles into more functional upright positions. This two day foundation course introduces a theoretical 3D Standing Pilates model and teaches a series of 3D Standing Pilates movements to address balance, ROM, myofascial control and neural dynamics in standing.

Pilates & Shoulder Rehabilitation (1 day course)

This one-day course is designed to help you apply the principles of the APPI method to shoulder rehabilitation. The course will include a review of current theories of shoulder stability and consider how Pilates exercises may be used to enhance this specific area of shoulder retraining. The practical element will introduce some new exercises and modifications from your existing repertoire incorporating principles of kinetic chain, upper quadrant and scapular stability as well as functional re-training.

Pilates & Osteoporosis (1 day course)

This exciting and innovative 1 day course investigates the concept that osteoporosis is the next epidemic to hit the healthcare industry. The course will cover the epidemiology, prevalence and incidence of osteoporosis both worldwide and specifically in the UK. Reviewing the bone building matrix that occurs from childhood through to adulthood, the theory component will ensure you have a thorough understanding of the development of osteoporosis, and the latest research available. The practical component looks at APPI’s 12-step bone building program that has been designed to address the main areas that osteoporotic fractures occur.

Pilates For Spinal Surgery (1 day course)

This 1 day course will guide you through the development of a reasoned Pilates program for anyone pre or post spinal surgery. 
The course will begin by reviewing the 3 most prominent surgeries of laminectomy, discectomy and fusion. A review of why one type of surgery would be chosen over another and the implications each surgery type has to the rehabilitation options preferred.
The practical component will take you through the relevant exercises from day 1 through to 6 weeks post surgery where most restrictions are removed. We will then review the most relevant objectives of the rehabilitation program and the exercise used to achieve these. 
This truly is a step by step guide to using Pilates pre and post spinal surgery. 

Pilates For Hypermobility (1 day course)

The course will begin with a review of the theory around hypermobility including the hypermobility pyramid used to grade the seriousness of the disease. 

A full review of the assessment of hypermobility will be undertaken and guidelines on the cautions, pre-cautions and contra-indications of working with hypermobility, joint hypermobility syndrome, marfans syndrome and Ehlers Danlos. 

The afternoon will focus on the practical exercises used in the rehabilitation of the various types of hypermobility discussed in the morning session, including a template class plan that can be used as a hypermobility class. 

Pilates for Scoliosis (1 day course)

Over the course of the day you will review the history of Scoliosis, its incidence and development and how it is now one of the most prevalent issues facing Physiotherapists and Pilates teachers alike. The difference between congenital and idiopathic scoliosis will be discussed, along with the mix between C-curve and S-curve deformities of the spine and their differing challenges. Following this, you will be guided through the APPI’s step by step program of how to deliver a successful in clinic scoliosis session, as well as a specific home exercise program.

At the conclusion of the day you should be well educated on the development and diagnosis of Scoliosis, and have a ready made program to go away with and 
start making a difference to the lives of many of your clients.

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